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Take control of your additive coating process with Siemens Digital Twin technologies!

This 30-minute on-demand session will explain advanced techniques for robotic additive coating using Tecnomatix Process Simulate. Siemens will demonstrate how to create tool paths and coverage patterns inside Process Simulate or use external definitions from Siemens NX to generate robotic simulations for additive coating processes. This includes post process and downloading of programs based on simulation to drive robotic processes. Key advantages include:

  • Leverage the digital twin to automate the coating process with simulation to reduce errors
  • Faster time to production which saves time, increases quality and eliminates costly rework for additive coating of parts
  • Process Simulate allows you to have greater predictability of the spray pattern and additive coating
  • This was the final session for the Advanced Robotics Series and is being followed-up with Closed-Loop Quality (CLQ) and Line Planning series of seminars. Please consult your Siemens representative for more information.

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