CATIA V5 Electrical Cable

CATIA V5 Electrical Cable Layout (ECX)

CATIA V5 Electrical Cable


The increasing complexity of electrical components used in industrial units creates a greater demand for cable management and space reservation. Companies must take these demands into account early in the preliminary design process to avoid errors during construction. This is especially true for the shipbuilding industry, where electrical cable routing that satisfies the defined schematics is complex inside the complete structure.

CATIA – Electrical Cable Layout creates and manages logical designs of electrical systems using industry standard conventions, terminology and practices. Designers easily create space reservation for electrical systems which enables reviews at early stage of design, in parallel of 2D electrical diagrams definition. Fully integrated, the user directly drives the creation of the 3D detailed design of cables and raceways from 2D diagrams. This intelligent diagram and design capabilities enable the user to create and validate their designs. Electrical cables can be accessed for 3D specification/schematic-driven design, dynamically maintaining consistency between the schematic and 3D design


  • Improves product performance and quality thanks to standard and materials specification taking account design rules, automatic parts placement and multi-representation
  • Full integration and associativity between 2D schematics and 3D electrical cable design
  • Schematic design drives creation of 3D design
  • Improves time to design with an intuitive user interface to annotate, validate the model, query data and generate appropriate report information


  • Defines space reservations for your electrical systems in an early phase in the design, including lofted pathways
  • Creates 2D diagram: component placement and insertion, line routing and connectivity management, standard symbols and components management
  • Associative 2D/3D integration
  • Creates specification-driven raceway and conduit parts and lines, layout route definition and management
  • Manual or automatic route cables in 3D cableways


This option contains:

CATIA – Systems Space Reservation 2
CATIA – Raceway and Conduit Design 2
CATIA – Electrical Connectivity Diagrams 2
CATIA – Electrical Cableway Routing 2
CATIA – Systems Diagrams
CATIA – Waveguide Diagrams 2
CATIA – Waveguide Design 2