Tecnomatix Process Simulate

Manufacturing Process Verification In A Powerful 3D Environment

Increased complexity of products and manufacturing processes presents manufacturers with “time-to-market” and asset optimization challenges. Manufacturing engineering teams are expected to deliver flawless product launches while adhering to cost, quality and start-of-production targets. To meet these challenges, leading manufacturers need to leverage organizational knowledge and 3D models for products and resources to virtually validate their manufacturing processes upfront.

Process Simulate provides the answer to these issues through the design and validation of manufacturing processes in a 3D dynamic environment that is fully integrated with the manufacturing backbone where manufacturing engineers have methods to re-use, author and validate manufacturing process sequence with realistic behavior and optimization of cycle times. Process Simulate extends into a variety of robotic processes allowing for simulation and commissioning of production systems.

Process Simulate is a major enabler of speed-to-market by allowing manufacturing organizations to virtually validate manufacturing concepts upfront – throughout the lifecycle of product introductions.


  • 3D process design and simulation based on JT visualization standard
  • Robot path planning, reach test, and smart placement
  • 3D resource models with integrated controls logic
  • Logic driven simulation utilizing Boolean and analog signaling
  • Simulation uses actual PLC code and hardware over OPC protocol


  • Reduce cost of change with early detection of product design issues
  • Reduce number of physical prototypes through virtual validation
  • Optimize cycle times through simulation
  • Virtual validation of mechanical and electrical (PLC and robotics)
  • Promotes collaboration amongst mechanical design and controls departments