Siemens NX

Siemens NX: Improving Productivity in Product Development

Siemens NX is designed to improve productivity across all stages of product development. With enhanced Synchronous Technology, NX delivers faster, more flexible part and assembly modeling, improved multi-CAD capability, streamlined digital simulation and more efficient manufacturing. 

NX can help you accelerate development, lower costs, and improve quality by utilizing new visual tools for leveraging product data. It is a best-in-class digital product development system that helps companies transform their product life cycle. 

With the industry’s broadest suite of integrated, fully associative CAD/CAM/CAE applications, NX meets the full range of development processes in product design, manufacturing and simulation. The software provides a complete suite of integrated process automation tools to enable companies to capture, reuse product and process knowledge, encouraging the use of corporate best practices.

Siemens NX Product Features

Industrial Design & Styling

Designing an innovative product requires a seamless combination of style, fit, and functionality. With Siemens NX, you can take advantage of a sophisticated digital twin solution to ensure your new product is equally eye-catching and perfectly functional in a simulated environment.  

Package Design 

Developing a package goes far beyond picking the shape and size of your box. Branding elements, environmental compliance, and the increased demand for shipping materials in a digital shopping economy all create the need for a rapid package design solution. Use Siemens NX to create your ideal packaging design virtually. 

Mechanical Design 

Develop three-dimensional digital twins of your product prototypes with sophisticated detail. This streamlines the processes of modeling, visualizing, sharing, and validating the products you’re developing without the need to create multiple iterations of physical versions. 

Electromechanical Systems Design

Develop precise electrical and electronic system builds in a simulated environment. NX offers a fully transparent view of your electromechanical design so you can respond to new developments rapidly and efficiently. 

Mechanical Simulation

Simulate the mechanical functions of your product designs in a precise and accurate virtual setting. Correct design problems rapidly without the need for repeatedly adjusting physical prototypes.

Tooling & Fixture Design 

Streamline your tooling and fixture development process with a fully automated virtual solution. With Siemens NX, you can design and test the entire development cycle for even the most difficult and complex design requirements. 


Improve manufacturing efficiency through a precise digital solution. Use Siemens NX for operational duties like: 

  • Programming CNC machine tools
  • Robotic cell management 
  • 3D printer operation 
  • Quality control 

Engineering Process Management 

Unify your systems and your engineering team’s operations within a single digital hub. Track progress, collaborate across individuals and teams and coordinate for more effective and efficient process architecture. 

Improve Your Productivity with Siemens NX Today 

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