DELMIA Assembly

DELMIA Assembly Process Simulation

The DELMIA final assembly 3D validation solution for the transportation and mobility industry delivers a 3D experience for simulation engineers to validate, optimize and review assembly processes including ergonomics for critical stations and workplaces. Balanced assembly lines can be reviewed and optimized in a 3D context to visualize the manufacturing environment and assembly sequences.

Manual or automated tasks can be validated with associated 3D resources. By introducing ergonomics analysis early in the design process, the creation and reuse of human interfaces and skills definition can be leveraged to lower the cost of work-related injuries. The 3D experience environment makes it easy to perform detailed feasibility studies and helps to improve communication between all workers on the final assembly line. Automated devices can be quickly and effectively simulated including remote handling equipment to increase assembly line quality and efficiency. DELMIA’s Final Assembly 3D Validation strengthens the connection between manufacturer’s design philosophies and global assembly operations resulting in reduced costs and increased quality.

DELMIA Assembly Process Simulation provides a 3D environment to interactively create and manage assembly trajectories and determine feasibility of the assembly process.
Users can discover design for assembly issues and communicate this information directly to product designers or other stakeholders early, when the ability to implement product or process changes is less complicated and the cost of such changes is low.
DELMIA Assembly Process Simulation provides a virtual 3D environment, including shop floor resources and layout. Planners are able to create, optimize and validate the assembly process in the context of the manufacturing setting where the plan will be executed.

Product Highlights

– Quickly reverse assembly trajectories
– Detect interference during simulation
– Create choreographed simulations
– Perform swept volume analysis during simulation replay
– Automatically generate an exploded assembly state
– Generate animations of assembly simulations