3D Design Software for Manufacturing & Production

DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing products and solutions allow manufacturers in any industry to virtually define, plan, create, monitor and control all production processes. This includes stages from early process planning and assembly simulation to completely defining the production facility and equipment. DELMIA solutions assist companies in achieving maximum production efficiency, lower cost, improved quality, and reduced time to market.

The Ability to Build It Right Every Time

Product innovation requires production innovation. DELMIA’s Products and Solutions for the manufacturing communities drive innovation by virtually defining, planning, creating, monitoring, and controlling all production processes. Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, all stakeholders in manufacturing, no matter their level of expertise, can participate in a single community with all members working toward shared production performance objectives.

DELMIA is a mission-critical application for decision making that allows you to:

  • Scale up global supply chains while increasing the level of quality
  • React instantly to a disruption in the supply chain to meet the production performance
  • Reduce production costs related to inventory and rework
  • Create the next level of Productivity and Safety.

DELMIA Assembly Process Simulation

DELMIA Assembly Process Simulation provides a 3D environment to interactively create and manage assembly trajectories and determine feasibility of the assembly process.

Assembly Process Simulation provides a virtual 3D environment, including shop floor resources and layout. Planners are able to create, optimize and validate the assembly process in the context of the manufacturing setting where the plan will be executed.

Using Assembly Process Simulation, users can discover design for assembly issues and directly communicate them early. This ensures that key contacts like product designers are proactively involved in resolving any concerns. When the ability to implement product or process changes, this becomes less complicated and lower in cost.


Ergonomics Evaluation (EGE)

DELMIA Ergonomics Evaluation (EGE) is the core product for creating Version 6 Lifelike Manikins with standard anthropometry (human body dimensions). Users can place them into the Version 6 3D model and evaluate human interaction with a product or workplace. EGE delivers a wide range of manipulation and analysis tools to make ergonomics assessment accessible to all Version 6 users.

Ergonomics Analysis (EGA)

DELMIA Ergonomics Analysis (EGA) builds on EGE to let users analyze and predict human safety and performance directly from the 3D virtual environment. Engineers can examine, score, and iterate whole-body and segment postures.

EGA enables more advanced ergonomic analysis of defined work in the context of a product or workplace design. Engineers can also work more precisely on the anthropometric definition of their manikins.

Ergonomics Task Definition (ETD)

DELMIA Ergonomics Task Definition (ETD) allows users to create, simulate, and validate tasks. These tasks are performed by a lifelike human manikin in the Version 6 environment. Ergonomics specialists are able to easily create and simulate worker interaction with a product or perform workplace tasks.

ETD simplifies defining and simulating common tasks for all Version 6 users. This is accomplished using predefined actions such as:

  • Picking up and placing objects
  • Walking
  • Operating a device
  • Using a tool.

Ergonomics Vehicle Design (EVD)

DELMIA Ergonomics for Vehicle Design (EVD) solution lets designers identify driver and passenger ergonomics issues early in the design process. This plays a critical role in avoiding costly, time-consuming changes.

EVD applies the Cascade and Cascade 2 algorithms developed by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. These algorithms enable designers to use first primitives of the steering wheel, floor panel, and pedals to automatically position humans in the car. The Vehicle interior dimensions are automatically compliant with SAE standards 1516/1517 or 4002/4004.

DELMIA Robotics

DELMIA Robotics Offline Programming (ROP) enables importing and exporting of production robot programs within Version 6. DELMIA Robotics Spot Welding (RSW) is a comprehensive Version 6 automotive body-in-white robotics programming solution that generates and manages robot spot welding programs.

DELMIA Robotics Arc Welding (ARW) automatically generates a robot arc welding tool path. This path is based on the geometric design of the seam to be welded. DELMIA Robot Task Definition (RTD) provides a Version 6 3D environment where users can create, program, simulate and validate an entire robot work cell for any manufacturing industry.