Tecnomatix Process Simulate Human

Creating Effective Ergonomic Studies for your Plant’s Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing companies in a variety of industries are addressing the human element as a key component of the design, assembly and maintenance of products. Tecnomatix human products, Jack and Process Simulate Human, enable you to improve the ergonomics of your product designs and refine industrial tasks from the earliest stages of the engineering process. You can populate your digital environments with virtual people and size them to match worker populations. You can test your designs for a wide variety of human factors, including injury risk, timing and efficiency, user comfort, reachability, lines of sight, energy expenditure, fatigue limits and other important parameters. These products facilitate quality improvements, as well as cost and time savings by providing guidance for more user friendly designs throughout the engineering process.


  • Scalable human figures that are anthropometrically and biomechanically accurate
  • Comprehensive suite of ergonomic analysis tools
  • Posturing methods to quickly simulate task conditions
  • Eye view windows and field-of-vision analysis
  • Reach envelopes for fast workplace configuration
  • Movie and screen captures for documentation and presentations
  • Broad virtual reality motion capture hardware support


  • Lower product and product engineering costs while enabling more user-friendly designs
  • Improve manufacturing processes and resource utilization efficiency
  • Improve compliance with ergonomic standards during product engineering & mfg design processes
  • Avoid re-work costs by uncovering human performance and feasibility issues early
  • Improve communication of engineering issues
  • Visually capture best-practices
  • Enhanced manufacturing safety