Structure Concept to Design

CATIA V5 Structure Concept to Design (SDX)

Structure Concept to Design


The materials used to build ships and plants in the shipbuilding and architecture & construction industries can be somewhat complex to define and to prepare for manufacturing. Companies need highly productive tools that are easy to learn, while at the same time make modifications easy.

CATIA – Structure Concept to Design streamlines processes ranging from functional definition to manufacturing preparation. This offering provides a unique answer to physical design challenges in Shipbuilding and in the Architecture & Construction industries.


  • Easy definition of structural design elements and materials used to build military and commercial ships as well as plants
  • Improve instantiation of functional volumes and integrate the creation of planning breaks at an early stage of the design
  • Enable unprecedented productivity and a short learning curve for shipbuilding structure definition and for the creation of functional structure objects
  • Enhance the creation and modification of detailed structures
  • Prepare the manufacturing build-up process with dedicated features that resolve the design intent


  • Rapid modeling tools for the creation of functional structure objects (such as plates, beams, and pillars…) and detailed features (slots, end-cuts, …)
  • Simple and easy design process thanks to the FEM Command
  • Knowledge-based design rules to drive and automate design work
  • Capture full topology of the structural model (all connections and their characters)
  • Enable the automatic generation of blocks and design units based on planning break definitions
  • Automate detailed work (slot or end-cut definition)
  • Deliver piece-part generation for the preparation manufacturing at the end of the design phase
  • Early and accurate reports
  • Accurate and efficient drafting generation


This option contains:

CATIA – Structure Functional Design
CATIA – Ship Structure Detail Design
CATIA – Structure Design