CATIA V5 Machine Tool

CATIA V5 Machine Tool Simulation


It is essential to verify the machining process prior to beginning production in order to protect the costly machining tool investment and to maximize their use. Realistic simulation helps companies to reduce machine set-up and idle times, while ensuring the implementation of chosen machining strategies.

The CATIA – Machine Tool Simulation option enables NC machine ISO code-validation at an early stage to validate that the part will be machined correctly the first time. Fully integrated NC machine simulation enables the NC programmer to easily switch between tool path definition and tool path validation without losing time in data transfer or preparation, thereby reducing lead-time from programming to production.


  • Reduction of lead-time from programming to production
  • Unequalled tools and machine protection investments thanks to realistic simulation
  • Tool path validation during NC programming to avoid problem and modification loops, and increase process quality
  • Elimination of interface issues


  • Automatic mounting of work piece and machine setup validation
  • Integrated simulation of NC machine motions and material removal based on tool paths or ISO code
  • ISO Code simulation on Lathe and Mill-Turn Machines including multi-spindle, multi-turrets and auxiliary devices
  • Synchronized display of ISO code during ISO based simulation
  • Easy collision queue setup and detection, distance and band analysis
  • Interactive modification of tool path or machining operation for collision avoidance
  • Multi-part programming easily defined by merging and reordering the sub-programs to machine several parts on a single setup


This option contains:

CATIA – NC Machine tool simulation 2
CATIA – DMU Space Analysis 2
CATIA – NC Manufacturing Review 2