CATIA V5 Multi-Axis Surface Machining

CATIA V5 Multi-Axis Surface Machining


It is essential to quickly and truthfully respond to customer’s needs in today’s global environment. Therefore, companies need to produce parts quicker and optimize machine tool usage, while producing finished parts with the highest quality.

The CATIA – Multi-axis Surface Machining option delivers high-end prismatic up to multi-axis surface strategies for productive complex machining with best-in-class quality results. NC programmers benefit from full associativity with CATIA design parts, and powerful machining automation capabilities to drastically reduce NC programming and machining time.


  • Best in class surface machining quality (especially through accurate scallop height calculation), faster machining time, and ensured collision free tool paths
  • Drastic reduction of NC programming time through automation of the machining process
  • Ultra-large NC program management and ultra-fast computation thanks to 64-bit support
  • Seamless design-to-manufacturing process with manufacturing features recognition and full associativity in the event design changes are made


  • Full set of high end 2.5, 3 and 5 axis milling and drilling operations for accurate tool path definition, including support of High Speed Milling technology
  • Several 5-axis contouring and sweeping strategies with the possibility to make the tool path controlled by a geometric curve
  • Multi-axis machining of multiple surface with full collision avoidance
  • 4-axis Pocketing operation to compute a tool path to mill pocket on cylindrical and conical surface
  • Automated detection and reworking of non-machined areas in roughing or finishing
  • Powerful automation capabilities for efficient NC programming
  • Capitalization of already defined processes thanks to machining process templates
  • Automatic sequencing, User defined Features …
  • NURBS output for five axis machining
  • Accurate Verification of the tool path including simulation of material removal and analysis of remaining material in photo mode


This option contains:

CATIA – Multi-axis Surface Machining
CATIA – 3 Axis Surface Machining 2
CATIA – Prismatic Machining Preparation Assistant 2
CATIA – Prismatic Machining 2
CATIA – NC Manufacturing Review 2
CATIA – Generative Shape Design 1