CATIA Free Style Shape Design (FSX)



In traditional systems, the design organization is messy and makes design modifications very complicated. The lack of collaboration between designers is responsible for increasing iterations and product design time.

Companies must acknowledge that aesthetically appealing products are not always manufacturable.

CATIA – Freestyle Shape Design is used to design details on styled shapes thanks to the powerful technology that makes it possible to transform conceptual shapes into high-end styled ones that are then ready for class-A or manufacturing processes.


  • Intuitive environment enabling the easy and fast design of high-end styled shapes
  • Interactive deformation of aesthetical shapes based on the spec-driven approach that allows immediate propagation of design changes
  • Compliance with aesthetical shape design standards thanks to a set of dedicated analysis tools and quality checkers
  • Fosters concurrent design through a tight collaboration between designers and engineers in a single environment


  • Unequal free-form modeler to intuitively create curves and surfaces
  • Easy integration of 2D stylists’ work into a 3D format
  • Smart and advanced tools to dynamically deform single or multi-surface shapes
  • Interactive manipulation of curves and surfaces thanks to the control points capability
  • Automatic surface creation by sweeping a profile curve along multiple guides
  • Unique connect checker command to simultaneously perform G0, G1 and G2 quality checking
  • Advanced real time analysis tools for distance, tangency and curvature


This option contains:

CATIA – Freestyle Shaper 2
CATIA – Freestyle Optimizer 2
CATIA – Freestyle Profiler 2
CATIA – Freestyle Sketch Tracer 1