CATIA V5 Reverse Engineering

CATIA V5 Reverse Engineering


The use of numerous systems to develop digital products from physical prototypes is complex and costly, leading to delays in product development. Companies require intuitive environments that are ergonomic and fully integrated to achieve a rapid ROI.

CATIA – Reverse Engineering makes it possible to quickly capture physical prototype shapes in order to enhance their style, making the 3D virtual model the design reference. It provides powerful technologies in the CATIA environment enabling to easily manipulate clouds of points and quickly transform them into high-end 3D surface shapes.


  • Integrated in the CATIA design environment, it helps reduce project costs and streamline design iterations
  • Flexible manipulation of clouds of points and meshes in order to optimize the definition of digitized shapes
  • Intuitive shape sculpting environment, especially for non-CAD specialists
  • Robust inspection process to improve the quality of the digitized models before surface reconstruction
  • Provides real freedom to engineers so that they can modify their models at any time
  • Enables Earthwork activity modeling and planning, construction in-situ modeling


  • Import and export clouds of points in various standard formats
  • Smart and advanced tools to manipulate interactively clouds of points
  • Powerful mesh creation from clouds of points
  • Easy creation of curves and surfaces on meshes
  • Robust alignment and deviation checking for inspection processes
  • Powerful polygon modeler for unequalled virtual clay modeling
  • Automatic surface generation from meshes
  • Easy creation of closed meshes from solids and surfaces for rapid prototyping
  • Design and simulate construction work in the context of the terrain.


This option contains:

  • CATIA – Quick Surface Reconstruction 2
  • CATIA – Digitized Shape Editor 2
  • CATIA – Shape Scultor 2
  • CATIA – Generative Shape Design 1
  • CATIA – STL Rapid Prototyping 1