CATIA V5 Realistic

CATIA V5 Realistic Dynamic Rendering


Consumers from every demographic and economic class are becoming more style-conscious, elevating the role of appearance in buying everything from cell phones to cars to clothing, While functionality and price are still critical factors, when faced with a choice between two similar products, consumers will always purchase the one with the most aesthetic appeal.

CATIA – Realistic Dynamic Rendering provides a comprehensive set of tools to simulate and iterate product appearance. This allows design teams to front load more decisions in the virtual stage of development – before investing in expensive prototypes, production resources, and product launch activities.


• Complete real time rendering environment enabling easy and rapid virtual design review
• Unique specification-driven approach of rendering parameters making it possible to optimize the design review and rapidly evaluate different alternatives at any time during the process
• Generation of high-end realistic photos and movies of a product’s appearance making it possible to share its emotional content with customers and thereby decrease the need for physical prototypes
• Early preparation of marketing and sales campaigns by providing suitable materials at the beginning of the product development process


• Creation and manipulation of materials, lights, cameras, environments and stickers
• Dynamic rendering capabilities such as reflections, shadows or adaptive texture mapping
• Intuitive and time-saving management of materials specifications thanks to the tree editor
• Highly realistic rendering quality based on the mental ray® tracing engine
• Benefits from the best in class graphic cards capabilities for powerful real time rendering
• Instant graphical feedback of any setting modifications
• Simple and powerful animation capabilities
• Ability to define reusable scene templates into catalogs


This option contains:

CATIA – Real Time Rendering 2
CATIA – Photo Studio 2
CATIA – Photo Studio Optimizer 2