CATIA V5 Electrical Harness

CATIA V5 Electrical Harness Design


The design of large-scale electrical systems requires a process-specific solution in order to save time and ensure design quality. The use of physical prototypes is expensive, demonstrates design errors late in the process, and is inflexible to modifications.

CATIA – Electrical Wire Harness Design delivers a process oriented solution for designing physical wire harnesses driven by logical specification and integrated with harness manufacturing. By delivering a realistic simulation for 3D wire harness packaging in an integrated environment, this powerful solution reduces design time and increases the overall quality of large scale electrical systems.


  • Reduce design time with a process oriented solution
  • Increase overall quality of complex electrical wire harness assemblies with powerful &dedicated applications for large scale electrical system implementations and knowledge based design verification
  • Seamless collaboration for anticipated manufacturing preparation: capture design intent and detailed wire harness model directly in the DMU
  • Anticipate engineering changes by validating the wire harness installation within the virtual product: make sure integration problems are found in the DMU and not in the physical prototype


  • Detailed definition of wire harness within the DMU according to the functional or wiring specifications : 3D wire harness takes into account logical specifications and manufacturing constraints
  • Easy to use &powerful routing of harness in complex 3D mockup, with relational design between mechanical assembly and the harness
  • Capture and reuse corporate know-how step by step to ensure validation at each phase of the process
  • Dedicated objects such as electrical devices (equipment, connectors, back shells, contact), protection (taping, corrugated tubes), support and mounting objects (rack, panel), wires and cables


This option contains:

CATIA – Electrical Wire Routing
CATIA – Electrical Library
CATIA – Electrical Harness Installation