CATIA V5 Body and Skin Templates

CATIA V5 Body and Skin Templates (BTX)


Companies need to automate repetitive tasks in order to speed product development. Nowadays, it is crucial to reduce non valuable tasks time so to focus on job with high added value.

CATIA – Body & Skin Templates is an advanced option pack embedding unmatchable skilled features thereby helping streamline the Body in White design operations and strengthen the end-to-end process.


Easy-to-use skilled templates making it possible to efficiently organize repetitive BiW tasks and to optimize the process workflow
Flexible management of BiW design changes thanks to the powerful CATIA associativity mechanism
Capture and reuse corporate know-how helping companies’ leverage their best practices


  • Mating Flange to define thin contact zones between parts within an assembly
  • High level Junction feature to link up sections with tangency management
  • Powerful 3D Geometrical Grid to position the design activity inside the vehicle coordinates
  • Providing Diabolo Seat to define contact zones between solids and surfaces
  • A variety of Hole types to define areas to remove material from a body
  • Rapid stiffening of a part thanks to Bead feature
  • Powerful law and rule definition


This option contains:

CATIA – Automotive Body In White Templates 2
CATIA – Generative Shape Design 2