Molded Product Design

CATIA V5 Molded Product Design for Manufacturing (MPX)


The manufacturing constraints of molded and forged parts create a need for complex surfaces that are difficult and lengthy to design, and in most cases inflexible to modify. On the other hand, mass production parts require optimization to achieve the highest possible performance, while using the least amount of materials. Companies require highly productive technologies to focus more on innovation and less on modeling.

CATIA – Molded Product Design for Manufacturing accelerates detail design of cast, molded and forged parts with substantial productivity gains. Concurrently, designers create fully associative parting surfaces, cores and cavities of the most complex parts. The advanced process-driven functionalities avoid the need of complex and repetitive use of surface and wireframe operations and reduce learning activity.


  • High productivity gains in defining molded, cast or forged parts
  • Less learning activities and time spent in complex surface and wireframe definition
  • Optimize or create more variants of parts with huge gains in design modifications
  • Functional modeling: focus on what you want to model and not how to model it


  • Highly productive definition of automatic drafts and fillets for forged or complex cast parts
  • Associative core and cavity separation with parting lines and surface definition
  • Wide range of discipline-oriented features that take into account manufacturability constraints: Extrude, Revolve, Cut, Thicken surface, Rib, Boss, Cutout, Rest, Pocket, Grill, Reinforcement, Shell, etc,.
  • Order-independent feature creation resulting in history-free part construction


This option contains:

CATIA – Core and Cavity Design 2
CATIA – Cast and Forge Optimizer 2
CATIA – Functional Molded Part 2
CATIA – Part Design 2
CATIA – Generative Shape Design 1