Shape Optimization

CATIA V5 Mechanical Shape Optimization (HCX)


Companies need simple and ergonomic tools to rapidly morph shapes without altering their quality at any time during the design process.

CATIA – Mechanical Shape Optimization embeds unique breakthrough technologies enabling to perform quickly global morphing on complex shapes. It allows either to deform interactively shapes or to capture the realistic one based on real-world tests of the product in operation. This easy-to-use environment helps designers to achieve a real productivity gains to optimize the product or the tooling definition.


  • Achievement of high productivity gains while performing global deformation on complex shapes without altering models quality
  • Optimization of the product or the tooling definition thanks to the comparison between the shape created from as-built measurements and nominal one
  • Robust morphing approach promoting the use of high quality generative models ready for manufacturing purposes


  • Set of smart tools for local and global morphing of complex surfaces
  • Immediate comparison between nominal shape and realistic one
  • Creates a curve or a surface deformation based on a defined initial status and a final one
  • Manages offset of non-tangent skins with different values thanks to the Variable Offset
  • Flexible Rough Offset to deform shapes with constraints
  • Transfers multiple curves or points laid on a revolution surface on a plane surface and conversely


This option contains:

CATIA – Generative Shape Optimizer 2
CATIA – Realistic shape optimizer 2
CATIA – Generative Shape Design 2
CATIA – Developed Shapes 1