Animated Product Review

CATIA V5 Animated Product Review (PRX)

Animated Product Review


Manufacturers must overcome unique technical and strategic challenges to keep pace in today’s virtual global marketplace. As global demand and breakthrough technologies increase the complexity of product designs, engineers need more advanced desktop tools to quickly validate and release designs into production.

CATIA – Animated Product Review provides a comprehensive set of tools to simulate complex product behavior in one unified environment. This enables more decisions in the virtual stage of development – before investing in expensive prototypes, production resources, and product launch activities.


  • Reduce drastically the need for physical prototypes
  • In-context simulation of large and complex assembly structures
  • Seamless design, simulation and analysis of product mechanisms
  • Early assessment of serviceability requirements


  • Mechanism motion definition fully associative with product design
  • Automatic mechanism generation from mechanical assembly constraints
  • Dynamic interference checking interferences and minimal distance computation during motions
  • Traces and swept volumes generation
  • Easy to use animation creation


This option contains:

DMU Kinematics Simulation 2
Space Analysis 2
DMU Fitting Simulator 2