CATIA V5 FEM and Structural Analysis (FAX)


Today, companies need to control their development costs, while especially focusing on the costs of physical prototypes. They also need a solution that combines design and analysis in order to validate and optimize product development.

CATIA – FEM and Structural Analysis delivers a complete finite element modeling and analysis solution covering a wide range of structural analysis processes. Fully integrated within the CATIA design environment, it promotes seamless product design quality improvement.


  • 60 % improvement of the product design-analysis cycle time comparing to non integrated design-analysis solutions
  • Generative and associative specification-driven solution for a rapid propagation of changes
  • Ensures compliancy with company best practices thanks to integrated knowledge capabilities
  • Accurate simulation of the product’s mechanical behavior
  • Decreases the need for physical prototypes
  • Promotes concurrent engineering
  • Open to other solvers to address specific needs
  • Scalable solution to perform complex computations on large models: up to 25 million degrees of freedom
  • Accurate composite product behavior evaluation


  • Single analysis and design environment avoiding errors and duplications
  • Knowledge-based architecture
  • Advanced stress, modal and dynamic analysis on any type of part or hybrid assembly
  • Robust and advanced finite element model components for wireframe, surface and solid meshing
  • Unique topology simplification to obtain a high quality mesh
  • Multiple types of connections for meshing of an assembly
  • Compatible and non-compatible meshing support
  • Pre and post processing analysis package exchange
  • Ability to perform assembly of analysis
  • Take advantage of the 64-bit platform
  • Full post-processing analysis on composites parts with embedded failure criteria specification


This option contains:
CATIA – Generative Part Analysis 2
CATIA – Generative Assembly Structural Analysis 2
CATIA – FEM Surfaces 2
CATIA – FEM Solid 2
CATIA – Elfini Structural Analysis 2
CATIA – Generative Dynamic Analysis 2