CATIA V5 Human Builder

CATIA V5 Human Builder and Simulation (HSX)


The human being is one of the most non-standard and unpredictable components of any system. Human capability is a major (limiting) parameter of design, then in many application areas there is a strong requirement to model the physical elements of the human alongside product designs.

CATIA – Human Builder and Simulation enables to directly create, manipulate and simulate accurate digital manikin’s interactions in context with the virtual product. It is the only solution enabling to assess and optimize human posture, vision and comfort directly in the product design environment, leading to fast decision making and design changes. Accurate human modeling, postures and comfort information capitalization makes company’s know how on ergonomics available to all designers.


  • Reduce design timeframe by Introducing ergonomics earlier in the design process
  • Remove the need for costly physical prototypes and real human simulations
  • Improve product quality &conformance to company standards
  • Capitalize on existing company know-how through the use of V5 HUMAN catalogs (company’s know-how on ergonomics)
  • Validate product assembly in an efficient and cost-effective manner using a highly intuitive solution (workstation, tools, sequence, etc.)


  • Manikin creation based on varied population and anthropometry data
  • Manikin posture definition
  • Vision analysis
  • Video creation tool for sharing critical human simulation data with the extended enterprise


This option contains:

Human Builder
Human Measurements Editor
Human Posture Analysis
Human Activity Analysis
DMU Space Analysis