CATIA V5 Knowledge

CATIA V5 Knowledge Expert and Engineering Optimization (KOX)


Product designs that continue to use physical prototypes are prone to errors, delays, and increased expenditures. Companies need built-in knowledge that ensures a product’s conformity to various standards, thus saving time and expenses, and reducing errors.

CATIA – Knowledge Expert provides a powerful interactive environment to create and manage validation rules in order to ensure that product designs conform to industry, customer or company standards.
Engineering Optimization provides an interactive environment for modeling and solving complex engineering problems.


  • Product Engineering Optimizer
  • Quickly investigates and finds options of the most robust designs for product lifecycle quality
  • Lowers costs by using extensive virtual prototype testing
  • CATIA – Knowledge Expert:
  • Eliminates inaccurate designs by automating compliance with defined standards
  • Eliminates costly and time consuming corrections downstream
  • By helping to adhere to company standards, data exchange is easier and inter-process collaboration is facilitated


Product Engineering Optimizer

  • Geometry-based optimizations
  • Finite element-based optimizations
  • “Design of Experiments” techniques to provide useful information about the product’s behavior in order to help solve compromises
  • Captures of optimizations within the model’s feature tree to launch the optimization again after any design changes
  • Constraints satisfaction problem solving
    Knowledge Expert:
  • Checks engineering rules
  • Checks Manufacturing rules
  • Checks Electrical rules
  • Checks Drawing rules
  • HTML or customizable XML reporting
  • Automatic correction functions
  • An infrastructure for merging corporate standards and partner solutions (Q-Checker and iCHECK)


This option contains:

CATIA – Knowledge Expert 2
CATIA – Product Engineering Optimizer 2