This category describes about CATIA. It is actually computer-aided three-dimensional interactive application and one of the most impressive Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing solutions that the customers will get across a range of industries. It streamlines design and manufacturing throughout a product’s lifecycle. It improves engineering design process a lot. It helps multiple project members to view 3D models and make changes to designs, creating a comprehensive understanding of projects among technical and non-technical departments. Different industries people such as Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Construction, Consumer packaged goods, Defense, Industrial equipment, Petroleum etc. use CATIA.
CATIA5 is the most widely used version. Here you will learn about what is CATIA used for and how much it will cost. Here 12 reasons are described why customers prefer CATIA over other software.

September 12, 2021

What is Catia?

Have you heard of CATIA? If not, your organization may be neglecting an innovative, high-tech solution to engineering, design, project management and manufacturing. CATIA is one […]