CATIA V5 Electrical Wire

CATIA V5 Electrical Wire Harness Flattening (HFX)


Once a product is ready to manufacture, its design must be precise or it risks costly errors and delays. Collaboration is the essential key to successful documentation and design between harness designers and manufacturing.

CATIA – Electrical Wire Harness Flattening provides automatic and complete flattening of 3D Electrical Harnesses for manufacturing documentation in a concurrent engineering environment.


  • Seamless collaboration between harness designers and manufacturing to ensure accuracy of 3D information transferred to manufacturing
  • Best environment for harness detailed manufacturing documentation and form-board design
  • Reduce effort for generation & maintenance of 2D harness drawings
  • Integrated design to manufacturing process with the support of design changes
  • Reduce cycle time with the ability to reuse existing documentation


  • Exchange detailed and accurate 3D harness definition including complex mechanical parts with manufacturing suppliers
  • Customizable generative 2D Drawings for documentation and generative 2D dress up
  • Natural integration with CATIA Drafting allowing definition and management of a relevant set of annotations and dimensions to create full reports for documentation
  • Automatic synchronization of design changes between harness design and manufacturing
  • Dedicated command for editing of harness flattened layout


This option contains:

CATIA – Electrical Harness Flattening
CATIA – Electrical Library
CATIA – Electrical Wire Routing